Seven Scourges of Startups | Part I

1. Founderism

Every growing company had to start out with a smart, entrepreneurial contributor or two. In the beginning, they’re the ones burning midnight oil, building proofs of concept for potential investors. Without them, all the company’s subsequent hires would never have had the chance. They’re the dynamite that blasts through the mountain, inspiring others to stumble in and start building a tunnel.

2. Heroism

In a way, I’ve presented founderism as a special case of heroism, but heroism doesn’t relate so much to seniority or position. According to Will Hayes in The Trouble With Heroes On Your Startup Team:

3. Tribalism

One could see this as another variety of heroism. It’s heroics on a communal level.

  • We didn’t have time, we were under too much pressure!
  • Documenting is a waste of time, it’s not “agile!”
  • My pet goat ate my MacBook, lithium battery and all!


I’ve offered some observations on three startup-company phenomena: founderism, heroism, and tribalism. In Part II, I’ll share a few more. Thanks for reading.



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Lucas J. Ross

Lucas J. Ross

Software developer in Austin, Texas, pursuing the art of explaining complex ideas in the simplest ways possible.