How a look beyond inadequate energy infrastructure for the cause of weather-related tragedy can identify other causes of human suffering

source: Nicole de Khors, Burst

As a resident of Austin, I naturally have thought a lot about the recent historic, unprecedented, record-breaking, rather odd winter storms and ensuing losses of life and property. Some people simply blame Republicans, which is somewhat fair and certainly was amplified by infamous narcissist Ted Cruz’s politically-puzzling vacation during the…

I’m an individual contributor. I don’t know how companies are started or how they’re kept running. I’m happy in front of a screen building things out of keywords, curly brackets, and SubjectPhrasesPutTogetherLikeThis.

I’ve also worked at about a half dozen “startup” companies, some tiny, some in the throes of a…

Previously on E.R., I described an integration line from API Gateway to a VPC Link.

This second part will cover the rest, from the Network Load Balancer to ECS Tasks. Let’s jump in.

Network Load Balancer


Why connect API Gateway to a Network Load Balancer and not directly to an Application Load Balancer…

A guide to building network pathways between two incongruous products (with Terraform)

Obsolescence Notice

On March 12, Amazon published “Building faster, lower cost, better APIs — HTTP APIs now generally available.” With that, I recommend that readers who wish to integrate API Gateway with an ALB ignore the instructions in this article involving an NLB and a target updater function. …

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Software developer in Austin, Texas, pursuing the art of explaining complex ideas in the simplest ways possible.

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