How a look beyond inadequate energy infrastructure for the cause of weather-related tragedy can identify other causes of human suffering

source: Nicole de Khors, Burst

As a resident of Austin, I naturally have thought a lot about the recent historic, unprecedented, record-breaking, rather odd winter storms and ensuing losses of life and property. Some people simply blame Republicans, which is somewhat fair and certainly was amplified by infamous narcissist Ted Cruz’s politically-puzzling vacation during the peak of our hardship. Climate change is commonly mentioned in the context of the storm to imply a causal relationship, and I lean that way, though it’s hard to say for sure.

I’ve dug a little deeper and in an unusual direction. This is the development of a hypothesis, food…

Gardening as a metaphor for developing software was, as far as I can tell, first mentioned by Andy Hunt and Dave Thomas in their 1999 book, The Pragmatic Programmer. When it first occurred to me to write on the topic, I hadn’t heard the idea before, as I haven’t yet finished reading the book. It’s on the top of my list, I swear! And knowing those fellows came up with the same idea, I certainly get a feeling of validation.

An enterprise integration garden, the sort of thing I’m seeing in my dreams these days

I’m fairly new to gardening, at least in the outdoors, which presents unique challenges where I live. In central Texas…

I’m an individual contributor. I don’t know how companies are started or how they’re kept running. I’m happy in front of a screen building things out of keywords, curly brackets, and SubjectPhrasesPutTogetherLikeThis.

I’ve also worked at about a half dozen “startup” companies, some tiny, some in the throes of a national-news-worthy acquisition. When I said “scourge” I meant it in both the figurative sense and the more literal sense. Startups have interesting ways of whipping your ass if you point it in the wrong direction. …

Previously on E.R., I described an integration line from API Gateway to a VPC Link.

This second part will cover the rest, from the Network Load Balancer to ECS Tasks. Let’s jump in.

Network Load Balancer


Why connect API Gateway to a Network Load Balancer and not directly to an Application Load Balancer? Basically, that’s because VPC Service Endpoint connects only to a NLB, and the VPC Service Endpoint is API Gateway’s— uh, gateway to our VPC.

Hypothetically, if we wanted API Gateway to get to our service over the Internet, we could use an Internet-facing ALB with a public DNS name, but…

A guide to building network pathways between two incongruous products (with Terraform)

Obsolescence Notice

On March 12, Amazon published “Building faster, lower cost, better APIs — HTTP APIs now generally available.” With that, I recommend that readers who wish to integrate API Gateway with an ALB ignore the instructions in this article involving an NLB and a target updater function. Instead, the VPC Link should be routed to an ALB directly.


Amazon offers exceptional flexibility when it comes to deploying and serving an application in a secure and development-friendly manner. Among the many benefits of this are the unique opportunities it presents with regard to drawing pictures of code, such as the above. On…

As a long-time fan of classic The Simpsons, when I need an analogy to help a colleague or myself to comprehend a subject, I find it natural to make use of characters and situations from the show. In this article, I’d like to share one on a topic that at first I found confusing, IAM Roles in AWS and the way users assume them.

A little context: any developer of infrastructure for software in the cloud will, early in that effort, need to figure out how users (both human and machine) are going to be able to access various resources…

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